The First Aquatic Therapist with AI

First artificial aquatic therapist, so that people with frequent access to residential pools, aquatic centers, lagoons or beaches, solve health problems with a social impact, in which every time you use Kaenz, you will be cleaning liters of drinking water for the neediest in the world!



Exercise methodology scientifically validated

In more than 700 sessions in 4 Aquatic Centers, managing to eliminate 95% of the corporal pains, to reduce +3 kilograms of fat (the same as a liposuction) & to improve physical condition in just 8 sessions!

How does it work?

Work with a smartphone app that teaches you the exercises, to then perform them with your Kaenz Kit, which includes various fitness floats and earphone, to interact with this virtual agent!





Social Impact

We collaborate with International Foundations, in order to clean the water for the neediest in the world for free (South America, Africa & Southeast Asia).

Kaenz Kit


Kaenz Team