Aquatic Workout

Kaenz is a methodology of exercises in the water, performed in vertical position, advancing by your pool, to effectively solve health problems.



Kaenz methodology scientifically validated

With more than 700 sessions in 4 aquatic centers and residential pools, managing to eliminate 95% of the corporal pains, reduce 3 kilograms of fat (the same as a Liposuction) and improve the physical condition in only 8 sessions!

How does it work?

Purchase Aquatic Training, based on the pain, illness and health condition you want to improve. Then you access the Kaenz platform with the specific exercises you need to learn, in video format and the audios of the sessions that guide and correct the methodology, according to progression, intensity and frequency.

* It is recommended to use special floats and implements to enhance the benefits.




Social Impact

Every time you use Kaenz you will be cleaning liters of drinking water for the most needy in the world, through collaboration with international foundations.

Kaenz Founders

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