"Immerse yourself in an adventure of digital health"

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Benefits in a month

Eliminate Pain 75%
Reduce 3 Kilograms of Fat 95%
Improve Quality of Live 90%


In your residential pool.
in a community pool.
On a beach or lake.

How does it work?


Step 1: Get the Kaenz Kit at kaenz.com

Step 2: Receive Kaenz Kit at home and download the App

Step 3: Enter the App with your user and select your health goal

Step 4: Select the duration of your session 15, 25 or 45 minutes

Step 5: Enter your pool with your cell phone inside the protector and lens together with your bluetooth headset

Step 6: Enjoy the experience and rate it when you finish

Download the App


Available on the App Store.


Available on Google Play.


Latest Updates

  • Animal animations with movements
  • English and Spanish language available
  • Data onboarding and user goals
  • Fixed reported bugs
  • Incorporation of new nutritional advice and animal data



Very grateful

For a long time, I infiltrated, but the pain only decreased for a short period, but with Kaenz, I was able to avoid an expensive surgery. I’m very grateful for all the help provided by the team!

John Milles

Recharge energy!

With chemotherapy my body was very weak and in great pain… A friend recommended me to do the Kaenz workout and my life really changed, now I am healthier and happier.

Cora Brown

Reduce bills

I recently built a pool in my house and I think it has been the best investment I’ve made in years, because with Kaenz it solved my arthritis problems and reduced my medical bills. In addition, now my whole family performs personalized exercises, to be all healthy. Now the pool is for health.

Apolo Roth


I`ve never exercised in the water in this way, easy to understand and perform in the comfort of my pool, with the freedom to do them whenever I want. I recommend it and if you still do not have a pool in your home, I think it’s a great investment for your health!

Ada Odeh


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