“We evolved the way to perform exercise in the pool”

We want to heal the world aquatic, improving the quality of life of people using the potential of exercising in water without impact, in the comfort of your pool applying the best technology of the moment in health.


Problem we solve

$68B is lost each year in health and productivity due to physical inactivity.

In addition, the WHO indicates that 60% of the world population is sedentary, causing health problems for 2,000 million people, such as body aches, tiredness, stress, obesity and various diseases, generating absenteeism, medical leave and low productivity.

These data are prior to the arrival of the pandemic, which have been intensified by quarantine and telework, negatively impacting people on a psychological, physical and work level.




Cristian Cortés 

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Exponential Digital Health®, ©Master of Business Administration (©MBA), Serial Entrepreneur, Health Tech, Inbound Marketing, Growth Hacker, Platform & Exponential Business Models.


Beatriz Isler

Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Exponential Digital Health®, ©Master of Physical Therapy (MSc), Diplomas in Community Based Rehabilitation, Physical Therapy, Exercise and Health, Specialist in Exercise, Aquatic Therapy and Rehabilitation.


Carlos Neira

Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Exponential Digital Health®, Expert in e-Commerce, Platforms, Apps, Web and Mobile Programming. Specialist in Usability, User Experience, Mixed Reality, Machine Learning Algorithms and Smart Data Analysis.


Create value and impact 1 billion people, through digital health, solving major global problems, by 2025.



Achieve a new aquatic experience with a positive global impact on our customers, through a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), led by a team of excellence, integral and with a deep respect for the service of people.


Integrity, Excellence and Respect.

Massive Transformational Purpose

Activate people anywhere!



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In our site, in the Blog section you will find articles of Hydrotherapy, Aquatic Therapy & Exercise in Pool, deepened in different categories such as: Lose Weight, Body Aches, Cancer, Pregnant, Chronic Diseases, Post Surgeries, Mental Health and Research Articles.

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