Approach of chronic diseases in swimming pool with Kaenz

We have decided to write this publication, because currently the terms chronic diseases (CNCD), cardiovascular or cardio-metabolic disease, cardio-metabolic syndrome, obesity, overweight, type 2 diabetes mellitus, hypertension, cancer, COPD, dyslipidemia, oxidative stress, subclinical inflammation and Autonomous imbalance, can confuse health professionals and even more to the community at large.

As our customers continually ask us:

Eliminate chronic diseases with Kaenz.

What are the causes of diabetes and hypertension? What is dyslipidemia and how can it affect my health? If I was diagnosed with obesity and diabetes, will I have it for life? How can these chronic diseases be solved? Which is the best treatment? Is it necessary to perform weight-loss exercises or methods to lose weight? Can hydrotherapy or aquatic exercises in the pool reverse these chronic diseases?

So we have decided to address this issue in a professional and simple way for all our readers and clarify these concerns.

Chronic non-communicable diseases (CNCDs) to what pathologies do they include?

Within cardio-metabolic or cardiovascular diseases, we consider:

Pathologies derived by an increase in adipose tissue (fat), such as overweight, obesity and dyslipidemia.

Pathologies resulting from the increase of glucose (sugar), as is the case of type 2 diabetes and insulin resistance (poorly said pre-diabetes).

Systemic pathologies, which include arterial hypertension, oxidative stress (free radicals), cancer, subclinical inflammation and autonomic imbalance (dysfunction between the parasympathetic and sympathetic system).

Person with obesity wants to reverse chronic diseases.

What are the causes of cardio-metabolic diseases?

During the last years, a consensus has been reached, that the causes of these diseases are multifactorial, highlighting the following:

1) The sedentarism (89% of the Chilean population does not do physical exercise),

2) Unhealthy food (junk food, sugary drinks, snacks rich in fat, salt and sugars),

3) Smoking (not a habit) tobacco and alcoholic (Chilean young people over 15, are among the five countries in the world that smoke more and number one in the continental level of those who consume more alcohol),

4) Mental stress, derived from long and exhausting working days, however all these causes are modifiable.

So, is the term chronic non-communicable diseases (CNCDs) correct?

First of all, let’s analyze word by word. Something “chronic” means that since the person was diagnosed, he/she lives with this pathology; and “non-transmissible” means that it cannot be transmitted.

As mentioned above, all causes derive from the behavior we see of our peers, family and social environment, such as sedentary lifestyle, poor diet, tobacco and alcohol addiction; which are transmitted to new generations, but breaks this vicious circle.

Eliminate chronic diseases and sedentary lifestyle with Kaenz.

In addition, these pathologies or chronic diseases can be reversed by changing their behaviors, performing well-prescribed physical exercise and eating healthy, which would lead to internal changes (genetic, molecular, cellular and systemic), which would reduce the doses of medications and if the person maintains a healthy lifestyle over time, he or she would completely reverse that “chronic” illness.

Finally, the most appropriate concept would be cardio-metabolic diseases.

How can cardiometabolic diseases be treated, by means of exercises in the water, with a public approach?

Kaenz, is trying to implement a collaborative model, between different public entities of Sport, Health, Education and Social Development, to manage the implementation of Kaenz, with a public approach, aimed at the population most vulnerable and affected by these cardiovascular diseases, which correspond to 70% of health expenditure and trigger the main worldwide deaths (heart attack, stroke, cancer and diabetes).

Since it has been proven that an optimal prescription of physical exercise, directed by aquatic specialists in the area of health, can reverse these diseases and decrease the symptoms, drug doses and associated costs.

Woman has chronic diseases and performs Kaenz exercises.

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Finally, continue reading about exercise in heated pools, which will always have new themes thought for you.

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