Exercises for people who were hospitalized


People who have suffered an accident or an illness that led them to be hospitalized or in bed, always have some sequel and everyone’s wish is to be able to return to their normal and daily life that they had.


Many of these people, who were hospitalized for more than three months, being day after day on a stretcher, and once they are discharged, expect to be able to respond to their daily demands, in the same way that they did, but they realize that many times it is not possible to do so, especially if the cause of hospitalization was a serious illness.


The key is to incorporate physical exercise in your life, to counteract the Post-Hospitalization effects.


Mujer necesita disminuir complicaciones post hospitalizados con Kaenz.


Effects of Hospitalization

A (serious) traffic accident, a heart attack, knee-ankle or joint surgery, a stroke, among others, are usually the reasons why a person must stay in the clinic or hospital, since It requires the constant monitoring of doctors, nurses, kinesiologists, nutritionists, paramedics and the support of the family.


But once the cause of hospitalization is controlled, the effects it causes are varied, starting with the patient’s dismobility, that is, spending much of the time in bed, not immobile, since the person breathes and their body continues working, its effects are the loss of muscle, bone, visceral and fat mass, changes in respiratory mechanics, especially if the person had to be connected to a mechanical ventilator, cardiovascular changes.


Joven hospitalizados por rodilla, necesita Kaenz.


Regardless of whether the cause of hospitalization was due to hip surgery, since being in a lying position modifies blood circulation, because it does not go against gravity; alterations in the sleep pattern, due to constant monitoring and visits from health professionals, stress and anxiety, joint stiffness, due to lack of mobility, among others; There are many effects that hospitalization has and people are not aware of them and think that in time everything will return to normal.


On the other hand, it should be mentioned that these effects are only from being hospitalized, that is, from being lying down for a long time, connected to breathing equipment and medications, if we add the effects of an illness or injury that led to being in the clinic-hospital, its sequels must be added or added.


Post-Hospital Exercises

We believe that now they can understand why they should change their lifestyle, since regardless of the cause or the reason that took him or her to the hospital or clinic, they have to incorporate physical exercise and a balanced diet, that is, a healthy life. healthier, to return to their daily lives.


We recommend that you perform aerobic exercises (ideally combined with anaerobic exercises), low-impact exercises such as fast walking, cycling, swimming or exercising in water (ideally), to the extent indicated and authorized by your doctor .


And the ideal is to do it with a professional who knows these diseases and can prescribe physical exercise in a personalized way, since all human beings are different and diseases manifest themselves differently, depending on age, the lifestyle they had led , gender (female or male), among others.


The objective of these exercises is to counteract the effects left by hospitalization and the sequelae of illness or injury.


Personas disminuyen complicaciones post hospitalizados con Kaenz.


The aquatic exercise trend for post-hospital patients: Kaenz

Although the ideal is to do physical exercise, it would be best if you do exercises in a pool, since the water allows greater mobility, works all the muscles, favors venous return, that is, improves the cardiovascular system, works the muscles of breathing, dexterity and relaxation more than performing exercises on land.


But with Kaenz it is possible to achieve the benefits of exercise and the properties of water, in a personalized way, faster, more fun and without post-exercise muscle pain.


Kaenz was designed to respond to the effects of hospitalization, also concerned with dealing with the possible consequences of the illness or injury that led the person to stay in the clinic or hospital.


In conclusion, if you went through a period of hospitalization and do not know what to do to feel good again, we recommend that you do exercises in the pool, with Kaenz, in this way, you can receive personalized therapy, which responds to your particular needs.


Mujer disminuye complicaciones post hospitalizados con Kaenz.


Kaenz invitation

We have the conviction that Kaenz, will improve your health and well-being, being a great investment, to reduce expenses for medications, hospitalizations and avoid surgeries, we invite you to experience this first virtual aquatic therapist, which will change your habits, recharging energy, toning your body, keeping you young and positively impacting your quality of life, sharing with your loved ones.



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