Exercises to lose weight and fat with Kaenz in pools

Currently there is a lot of interest, about the exercises to lose weight, but to achieve this goal, it is necessary to consider the characteristics of each person, level of training, diseases and specific needs, but with so much information on the internet, it is sometimes very difficult, find a publication that offers recommendations with a scientific basis, safe and effective, so we have decided to write, to our readers, some key of exercises to lose weight.


Considerations before exercising to lose weight

First of all, it should be taken into account that an exercise must be prescribed by a health specialist (Physical Therapist or Kinesiologist) and above all, if we have some degree of overweight or obesity, since our cardiovascular and musculoskeletal system, respond differently to the effort, overloading joints, heart and bones, which could cause some pain or complication of health.

In addition, the exercise must be specific for each person, considering frequency (times per week), intensity (tiredness level, heart rate and respiratory rate), type of exercise (aerobic, anaerobic, strength, high intensity interval training, functional training, plyometric, among others), (30, 60 or 90 minutes per session) and density (number of repetitions or exercises in a given time).

Therefore, the weight-loss exercises should be tailored to each person’s abilities, and make an evaluation before training plan is essential.

So … What is recommended when performing exercises to lose weight?

We recommend exercises that have a scientific basis, are well prescribed by a movement specialist and that contemplate the principles of training (Specificity and/or Individuality, Overcompensation and/or Overload, Adaptation and/or Accommodation, Progression and/or Periodization, Variability and/or Balance, Recovery, Reversibility and Fun).

Now, you will find that these terms are very technical or complicated, but your therapist must know them and apply them in their work session, to achieve the ultimate goal, which is to lower fat or fatty tissue of the body.

What activities or professionals are not indicated to conduct a health-focused exercise session?

When considering the aforementioned antecedents, many practices or physical activities are left out because they are not specific, with choreographies the same for all people (Zumba, entertaining dancing, hydrogymnastics, spinning or group classes in gyms).

Also, weight loss sessions, led by personal trainer, physical education teachers and physical trainers, are not effective because they are not health professionals, since they are prepared to perform physical exercise to healthy populations and / or athletes.

On the other hand … Is losing weight the big goal?

A bad professional, I would say that if in a session low 2 kilos, are on the right track, but what you lost in that training was water, by dehydration, you must be extremely careful with the times and goals set, not to excite the people who want to lose weight, very quickly.

Decrease waist circumference when performing exercises to lose weight.

Even with certain exercises, in the first instance you will gain a few kilos of weight, because you are changing adipose tissue by muscle, that is, you will be more toned and finally improve your posture, metabolism and health, because the muscle fibers will be bigger and will spend more energy by performing a well-prescribed exercise, adapted to your physical abilities, triggering a reduction of fat in your body.

In conclusion, What exercises are recommended to lower adipose tissue?

We recommend weight-loss exercises, which are personalized, ideally low articular impact, avoiding jumps, step, running on treadmill or on hard surfaces, could be indicated aerobic exercises in bicycle, elliptical or swimming pool, but directed by a physical therapist that is a specialist in physical exercise, as is the case of Kaenz.

Personal trainer does not perform exercises to lose weight.

With Kaenz, can I reduce adipose tissue?

Kaenz, is the first Virtual Aquatic Therapist that guides and corrects personalized exercises in your pool, which uses special equipment, methodology that was created by a team of specialists in aquatic therapy, it is also not necessary to know how to swim and our clients have changed on average 3 kg of adipose tissue per muscle, decreasing its waist circumference, since the greatest fat is in the abdominal area.

But we must consider that with Kaenz we tonify the whole body and generate favorable internal changes by lowering total cholesterol, blood pressure, regulating blood sugar, increasing mobility in joints damaged by osteoarthritis, eliminating chronic pain, among other benefits.

Exercises to lose weight in a temperate pool.

Kaenz invitation

We have the conviction that Kaenz, will improve your health and well-being, being a great investment, to reduce expenses for medications, hospitalizations and avoid surgeries, we invite you to experience this first virtual aquatic therapist, which will change your habits, recharging energy, toning your body, keeping you young and positively impacting your quality of life, sharing with your loved ones.

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