Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I perform Kaenz?

Because with Kaenz, you reduce thousands of dollars in surgeries, treatments, rehabilitation and medications; using Kaenz technology in the comfort of your pool.


In which persons is Kaenz indicated?

Kaenz is perfect to keep you in shape and reverse diseases, such as, body aches (back pain, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, tendinopathies), cardiovascular diseases (diabetes, hypertension, overweight and obesity) and health conditions (pregnant, dysautonomia and stress) , which restrict well-being and quality of life.


Where is Kaenz doing?

In more than 5,000 residential pools in the main cities of the world, thanks to Kaenz technology.


How does Kaenz work?

Choose an alternative based on your pain, illness or health condition that you want to improve. Then pay online, receive your Kaenz Kit and access the platform to experience the aquatic exercises in the comfort of your pool, guided at all times from your Smartphone to an Earphone, according to your health status and training level.


What is the Kaenz Kit?

Son flotadores que son enviados a tu domicilio para tener la mejor experiencia en tu piscina y realizar ejercicios más avanzados, con el objetivo de mejorar tu salud todos los días. Este incluye el Kaenz Belt, Kaenz Mancuernas, Kaenz X-Cuff para tobillos o muñecas, Auriculares a prueba de agua, Kaenz Noodle, Kaenz Kickboard y funda flotante.



How is the shipment of the Kaenz Kit?

The Kaenz Kit, are distributed from our wineries located in the United States, Europe, Brazil and Australia to the different cities of the world. Arriving directly at your home without worrying about special rates or additional expenses.


Why Kaenz and not another option?

Kaenz differentiates itself from the competition, by its active methodology with a health focus, created by expert professionals in physical exercise in swimming pool, offering a unique experience in the water, with the appropriate intensity and frequency in a safe way and with a very low probability of injuring you , using the Kit and the Kaenz platform, to achieve your goals, saving you time and money in the comfort of your home.