Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I perform Kaenz?

Because with Kaenz you achieve your goals in a fun way, improving your fitness and health, by preventing and eradicating diseases more effectively than conventional medicine in the comfort of your home, adding value by converting your pool into a personalized aquatic clinic with the Kit Kaenz.


In which persons is Kaenz indicated?

Kaenz is perfect to keep you in shape and reverse diseases, such as body aches (back pain, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, tendinopathies), cardiovascular diseases (diabetes, hypertension, overweight and obesity), which restrict well-being and quality of life.


In what cities is Kaenz doing?

All over the world, especially in places with an annual warm climate (South of the United States, Brazil, Mediterranean countries, Arab Emirates, Singapore and Australia) you should only buy the Kaenz Kit and then download the App.


What is the Kaenz Kit?

The Kit Kaenz corresponds to a set of implements, which allows you to enhance the Kaenz experience in the comfort of your pool, developing an effective routine of aquatic exercises, customized according to your objectives. 1) K-Belt: Special float for exercising vertically with correct posture. 2) K-Dumbbell and K-Kickboard: Corresponds to a set of floats to increase your demand and performance. 3) 1 K-Earpods: Headset with waterproof microphone to verbally interact with the Kaenz Artificial Therapist, which guides your session.


How does Kaenz work?

You buy the Kaenz Kit, download the Kaenz App and then synchronize your tools via Bluetooth. Now you are ready to perform a Kaenz session when you need it, you just have to place the K-Belt, the K-Earpods and start the Kaenz App to receive the exercises according to your objectives, illness and physical condition, advancing from a basic level to the progressively progressive, going through 4 phases: pre-warming, aerobic exercise, high-intensity interval training and return to calm.


How is the Kaenz Kit shipment?

The Kaenz Kit is distributed from our warehouses located in the United States, Europe, Brazil and Australia to different parts of the world, the shipping is free, but the payment of fees for income to different countries is borne by the buyer.


Why Kaenz and not another App?

Kaenz differs from other aquatic therapies by its active methodology, because it has a focus on health, fitness and rehabilitation, created by expert professionals in pool physical exercise, providing a unique experience in the water, safely and with a very low probability of injury, using the Kaenz Kit implements, technology and the guide at all times of the Kaenz Artificial Therapist, turning your pool into a personalized aquatic clinic.


Do you want to improve your health with Kit Kaenz?