Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I perform Kaenz?

Because with Kaenz you achieved your goals in a fun way, improving your health and health in your pool, to prevent and eradicate diseases more effectively than conventional medicine in the comfort of your home.


In which persons is Kaenz indicated?

Kaenz is perfect to keep you in shape and reverse diseases, such as body aches (back pain, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, tendinopathies), cardiovascular diseases (diabetes, hypertension, overweight and obesity), which restrict well-being and quality of life.


Where is Kaenz doing?

Around the world.


What do I need to do Kaenz?

Get the water training session on Kaenz’s site and a waterproof headset to play the audio that guides the session. It is optional but highly recommended to obtain a set of flotation implements to enhance the results, such as: a Kaenz belt, weights, swimming board and a pool noodle. These implements can be found on our site.


How does Kaenz work?

Purchase Aquatic Training with the objective you want, then you will get in your email a username and password to enter a special sector of the website where you can see the different videos with the recommended exercises for your session, along with a format of audio that will guide you the order, frequency and intensity of each exercise, so that you can do it in your pool. It is optional but recommended to use Floats and implements for a better Kaenz experience.

How is the shipping of the floats and implements?

The floats and implements are distributed from our warehouses located in the United States, Europe, Brazil and Australia to different parts of the world, shipping is free, but the payment of fees for income to different countries is borne by the buyer.Visit him link here.

Why Kaenz and not another option?

Kaenz is differentiated from other aquatic therapies by its active methodology, because it has a focus on health, fitness and rehabilitation, created by expert professionals in pool physical exercise, providing a unique experience in the water, appropriate intensity and frequency safely and with a very low probability of injury, using the appropriate float and implements and thus achieve your goals.