Frequently Asked Questions 


Why should I perform Kaenz?

Because with Kaenz you achieve your goals in a fun way, improving your health, preventing and eradicating diseases more effectively than conventional medicine, sharing with your loved ones in the comfort of your home by your cellphone app.


In which persons is Kaenz indicated?

Kaenz is perfect for people who need to recharge energy for their workday and also to share time with their family in a healthy way in charge of a certified methodology.


In which cities is Kaenz being held?

All over the world, you should only download the App.


How Kaenz  works?

Kaenz is an App that you can download from your cell phone store, when you install you can access general exercises and if you access the paid format you will get the prescribed exercises with session guidelines for specific diseases, such as Back pain, Diabetes, Fibromyalgia, etc…


Why Kaenz and not another App?

Because the App was created by health professionals, experts in physical exercise in swimming pool with a clinical focus, who developed the Kaenz methodology.


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