In which cities is perform Kaenz in an Aquatic Centers?

Kaenz exists because it has observed a global need, in which there are many people who have not been able to solve their health problems, with conventional medicine and therefore we have created an exercise methodology that is performed in residential pool or aquatic centers with spectacular results, directed pregnant women, people with body aches, heart disease, weight control, cancer, post-surgery and mental health problems such as stress.

Currently we are in 30 cities around the world, in more than 1,000 pools. Next, we will tell you in which cities this Kaenz.

Kaenz heated pool in the world.

Swimming pool: North America

The United States is one of the main countries in which Kaenz is located, as Kaenz in San Francisco, with 30  pools and in Los Angeles with 41 pools, is located on the west coast in the state of California.

On the east coast, in Massachusetts, Boston has 40 swimming pools. In Chicago, we have 87 pools, in the state of Texas in the city of Dallas 19 pools, Houston 39 pools, Atlanta 29 pools and in New York Kaenz develops in 108 pools and in Washington DC, we have 34 pools.

Finally, in the city of Toronto in Canada, we have 86 swimming pools being realized Kaenz.

Kaenz temperate pool in New York North America.

Swimming pool: Latin America

In Mexico City, we have 18 swimming pools, Santiago in Chile with 14 swimming pools. Bogotá and in Lima with 4 swimming pools each city, in 2017, is intended to incorporate in Mexico to Monterrey and Guadalajara. Also, include Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Brasilia, Curitiba, Fortaleza, Porto Alegre, Recife and Salvador in Brazil. Buenos Aires, Cordoba and Rosario in Argentina. San José in Costa Rica and the cities of Medellín and Cali in Colombia.

Pool: Europe

London is the place where Kaenz is most developed, with 244 temperate swimming pools. Also in Europe’s most important countries is Spain with Barcelona (47 swimming pools) and Madrid (33 pools) and Germany in the cities of Berlin with 40 pools, with 8 swimming pools in Frankfurt and 15 swimming pools in Munich.

Also, the health problems are solved with the Kaenz methodology, in the cities of Brussels (23 swimming pools), Copenhagen-Malmö (8 swimming pools), Rotterdam-Amsterdam (20 swimming pools), Stockholm (12 swimming pools) and in Zurich 7 swimming pools.

Kaenz heated pool in London Europe.

Swimming pool: Asia

It is intended to reach the Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Russian markets in 2018, but currently we are in Singapore with 41 swimming pools, being one of the places with the largest number of Olympic pools, being 35. In India, we are in Mumbai and in New Delhi with 2 pools each.

Pool: Australia

In the great country of Australia, Kaenz develops in its two main cities Sydney with 115 swimming pools, of which several that are of salt water, to perform the exercises in the sea. In Melbourne there are 55.

Kaenz temperate pool in Sydney Australia.

Kaenz invitation

We have the conviction that Kaenz, will improve your health and well-being, being a great investment, to reduce expenses for medications, hospitalizations and avoid surgeries, we invite you to experience this first virtual aquatic therapist, which will change your habits, recharging energy, toning your body, keeping you young and positively impacting your quality of life, sharing with your loved ones.


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