What are the Kaenz benefits with exercises in the pool?


Kaenz benefits are varied and comprehensive, addressing many health problems, through pool exercises, because in the water, the person weighs less and is able to work at greater intensities with a very small probability of being injured.




Health problems due to sedentary lifestyle


It is necessary to put in context that there are more than 2 billion people, almost a third of the global population, who suffer from health problems, due to physical inactivity, which translates into $54 billion dollars, in direct costs for insurers and centers health, mainly when treating body aches, obesity, cancer and cardio-metabolic diseases (diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol), through drugs, hospitalizations and surgeries, according to the World Plan of Physical Activity 2018-2030 of the World Organization of Health (WHO).


Productivity issues


Adding the $14 billion for lost productivity due to sedentary lifestyle, not doing physical exercise, because there is no time, it generates fatigue, overload and if you have pain you need a professional to guide you correctly.


What can a virtual aquatic therapist do?


Kaenz, solves health problems, derived from physical inactivity, through a platform or App with the first Aquatic Therapist, who guides exercises in the water, according to the health condition and objective of each client.


How was Kaenz benefits quantified?




Kaenz was tested in more than 700 sessions in 4 Aquatic Centers and residential swimming pools, in people with different ages and health conditions (pregnancy, diabetes, hypertension, osteoarthritis, back pain, obesity, cancer, stress, disability, athletes and post-surgery), who for 8 sessions, obtained integral benefits by eliminating on average 95% of the pain, reducing 3 kilograms of fat (the same as a liposuction), increasing adherence to treatment (98%) and improving quality of life, trying several diseases in the same therapy, putting the patient at the center.


What is achieved in a session?


The immediate impacts at the end of a session are a sensation of relief without pain and with energies recharged by beta-endorphins (endogenous opioid that reduces pain and is more potent than morphine), serotonins (modulates mood, emotions, sleep and appetite) and dopamine (controls brain processes, such as movement, emotions, sleep cycles and the ability to experience pleasure) that are stimulated naturally with this aquatic methodology.


Other Kaenz benefits



People who have frequent access to residential pools, aquatic centers, beaches or lagoons, can experience Kaenz, feeling and looking much better, reducing stress and fatigue, recharging them with energy, strength and vitality to satisfactorily meet daily demands, achieving a balance in his life, he eliminated health problems with high out-of-pocket expenses, giving them greater freedom to choose the time and circumstance to solve these diseases, body aches and overweight, by using the latest available technology; In conclusion, they drastically improve your health, well-being and quality of life.


What should I do to experience Kaenz?


You have three options:

1) If you have a residential pool in your home, buy the Kaenz Kit with free shipping, to access two accounts that you can share with a family member, couple, friend or colleague at work, using the Kaenz App unlimitedly whenever and whenever you want.




2) Meet a Kaenz representative, who performs this experience in a public or private aquatic center in your city.

3) Access a pool of an aquatic center, hotel or resort in agreement with Kaenz, to be able to realize this experience in the water.


Kaenz invitation

We have the conviction that Kaenz, will improve your health and well-being, being a great investment, to reduce expenses for medications, hospitalizations and avoid surgeries, we invite you to experience this first virtual aquatic therapist, which will change your habits, recharging energy, toning your body, keeping you young and positively impacting your quality of life, sharing with your loved ones.


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