Get to know the Kaenz methodology in your pool

First of all, in this publication, we intend to better explain the Kaenz methodology, describe its benefits and determine in the kind of people is indicated, this method of aquatic therapy or hydrotherapy, which is performed in several houses with swimming pools in the world.

In recent months, Kaenz has had a consistent boom and interest in people with body ailments (osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, lumbago) and cardiovascular diseases (overweight, obesity, diabetes and hypertension).

Since our clients are currently asking us:


What exercises are used to lose weight? What exercises are indicated for pregnant women? How can I use aquatic therapy or pool exercises to remove stress, back pain, fibromyalgia or hip osteoarthritis? What are the effective exercises for diabetics and hypertensive people?

Below we intend to answer this and other concerns about the Kaenz method.

What is Kaenz methodology?

Kaenz, is an exclusive pool exercise platform, which generates specific workouts to alleviate the health problems of people, who have not found an effective solution with conventional medicine (pregnant women, people with body aches, weight problems, mental health , cancer, heart disease or post-surgery).

But they benefit from Kaenz, unique experience in aquatic therapy with specialized equipment and the proper prescription of exercise, according to intensity and correct frequency.

What are the most relevant benefits of the Kaenz methodology?

This unique experience in aquatic therapy has a preventive, therapeutic and rehabilitation approach, which promotes physical exercise, lifestyle and healthy habits.

Guaranteeing spectacular short-term results, such as lowering adipose tissue, cholesterol, body aches, physical and mental stress. Increasing muscular strength, mobility, sports performance, concentration, vitality, well-being and quality of life.

Besides, you do not need to know how to swim! And your physical and mood changes will be noticed by everyone.


Therefore, Kaenz carried out a pilot plan in which validated and quantified the following:

1) In 1 Workout 90% of users sleep and rest better;

2) In 1 week 90% of users decrease pain;

3) In 3 months adipose tissue is reduced (more than liposuction), stress and pain;

4) In 6 months is our No. 1 fans (Kaenz Lover) and continuing to request Kaenz Workout;

5) 80% of pathologies can be prevented and / or reversed (reducing out-of-pocket costs for drugs);

6) 70% of users have increased their productivity and reduced medical licenses; guaranteeing our results

Who or what companies can benefit from Kaenz?

Professionally active professionals and functional seniors; who want to reduce body aches, diseases, physical and mental stress and work.

People who have not been able to solve their illnesses with medicines, surgeries, nutrition, gyms, physical exercise, sport, swimming and hydrogymnastics.


What benefits can be archieved with the Kaenz methodology, according each person?

Children from 4 years old: Children can benefit from a playful approach, freeing them from the monotony of the home, controlling their body weight, posture, reorienting their energy, and creating bonds with other children. It is not necessary to know how to swim.

Over the 10 years: We provide a different way to perform aquatic exercises, we enhance your physical abilities, which will allow you to control your weight, physical condition, improve posture, reduce stress, anxiety, prevent diseases and boost your academic performance indirectly.

Youth and Adults: We offer a method that decreases body aches, mental stress, reduces abdomen, low weight, increased muscle and physical capacity. It is also an entertaining and healthy way of sharing with partners, friends and colleagues.

Pregnant: We guarantee to reduce discomfort such as swelling of limbs, body aches, heaviness, reduced mobility, poor sleep.

And pregnancy complications such as preeclampsia, obesity, gestational diabetes, in addition to controlling your ideal weight, toning, improve skin quality, reduce anxiety, physical and mental stress; Including all the benefits for the baby.

Seniors: We offer a safe exercise experience, worrying about maintaining a healthy and independent life, improving and controlling their diseases; if any, reducing medications, increase their energy, vitality and fitness. We also make it easy to share quality time with your spouse or partner.

Virtual Aquatic Therapist


In conclusion, this method, based on aquatic exercises in your swimming pool, is indicated for the treatment of fibromyalgia, back pain, osteoarthritis of the hip, to remove the stress, to lose of weight, reducing the doses of medicines and reversing some pathologies, such as obesity, diabetes and hypertension.

We hope that the Kaenz methodology has become clear. Finally, we thank you for reading our publication, we hope it has been to your liking…

Kaenz invitation

We have the conviction that Kaenz, will improve your health and well-being, being a great investment, to reduce expenses for medications, hospitalizations and avoid surgeries, we invite you to experience this first virtual aquatic therapist, which will change your habits, recharging energy, toning your body, keeping you young and positively impacting your quality of life, sharing with your loved ones.

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