What is a Kaenz Therapist, who performs pool exercises?

During these last months, many professionals have asked us about What is a Kaenz Therapist? and always the following questions appear:

What is Kaenz? Can only Physical Therapists or Physiotherapists be accredited? What tools should I acquire and which have been obtained in the university, to carry out this method? If I have other courses on aquatic therapy or hydrotherapy, can I validate them? What is the difference between the Kaenz and the other methods of aquatic therapy?

So, we will try to answer these questions and clarify the concept of Kaenz Therapist a little more to all readers.

Kaenz Therapist is a Physical Therapy.

First of all, what is Kaenz?

Kaenz is a exclusive platform that connects swimming pools of the  most important cities in the world with early adopters, who have not found an effective solution to their health problems, with conventional medicine (pregnant women, people with body aches, weight problems, mental health, cancer, cardiopaths or post-surgical).

But they benefit from Kaenz, a unique experience in aquatic therapy with specialized equipment, based on the collaborative economy with Physical Therapists, who want to increase income.

The Company is responsible for the optimal functioning of the platform, training aquatic therapists and capturing part of the value, through commissions to therapists and pool owners.

Kaenz is one of the most important methods in aquatic therapy.

What other benefits can be achieved by undertaking this methodology?

Kaenz, conducted a pilot plan in which it validated and quantified the following:

1) In a session, 90% of users sleep and rest better;

2) In a week 90% of users decrease pain;

3) In three months reduce adipose tissue (more than a liposuction), stress and pain;

4) In six months is our # 1 fans and continuing to buy Kaenz bags;

5) 80% of pathologies can be prevented and/or reversed (reducing out-of-pocket costs for drugs and medicines)

6) 70% of users have increased their productivity in key performance indicators and reduced medical leaves for body aches and stress in their companies, since they feel more well-being, energy and concentration, being more efficient in the achievement of his objectives.

In addition to improving their physical, mental and health status; in less time than competitors and substitutes; making us an unequaled experience in aquatic therapy, with spectacular results in the short term, quantifiable and guaranteed.

Kaenz Therapist.

To achieve these results, it is evident that not every professional is trained.

This method has a preventive, therapeutic and rehabilitative health approach, so the professional in charge should be a Physiotherapist or Physical Therapist, but with up-to-date knowledge, tools and skills in aquatic therapy, physical exercise, clinical reasoning and evidence-based kinesiology, capable of addressing in an aquatic environment to users with cardiometabolic diseases, arthro-myofascial-osteotendinous (AMFOT) alterations and motor control disorders, focused on children, young people, pregnant women, adults, athletes, people with a disability and senior.

Therefore, it requires an institution that accredits the professional in charge, possesses these skills, according to the quality standards to implement the Kaenz methodology.

How can you be a Kaenz Therapist?

As mentioned above, not all of these skills are developed or taught in university degrees in Kinesiology or Physical Therapy, Kaenz is the official certifier of the Kaenz methodology. If you have more questions about being a Kaenz Therapist, you can go to frequently asked questions.

Kaenz aquatic therapist is a Physical Therapy.

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