How to lose weight and abdominal fat effectively?

We have decided to write on this very relevant and controversial issue on how to lose weight, as users and clients often ask us the following questions:

Can I lose weight without diets? How to lose weight with exercises? How can I lose fat or abdominal adipose tissue? How to lower abdomen and waist circumference? How can I tone my legs, thighs and buttocks? How Long Do I Need to Lose Weight? What exercises or training should I do to lose weight, if I am overweight or obese? What is the best method, gym or exercise to lose weight? Is it necessary to do physical exercise, diets and surgeries to reduce abdominal fat?

Next, we want to make these topics clearer, by approaching them in a professional and simple way for all readers.

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Is it important to lose weight?

It is not important to lose weight or get thinner, but reduce fat or fat tissue; since you can weigh yourself before you go running, on a summer day at 15:00 and after an hour, get home and go back to weigh yourself and then Surprise! They have lost 2 kilos, but it is most likely corresponding to loss of water by dehydration.

Therefore, they should not focus on the kilos they weigh, but how many kilos of adipose tissue or muscle they have.

How can I determine if I am overweight or obese?

In many health facilities, medical and nutritional consultations, and even the World Health Organization (WHO), recommends the use of the Body Mass Index (BMI) (relationship between body mass and squared size), to determine overweight or obesity, but this parameter is obsolete and is not a good indicator to determine overweight or obesity, since it only considers two components: weight and height.

For example we have two men with a mass of 75 kilograms and a height of 1.60 meters, with a BMI of 29.3 kg / m2 being at the limit of obesity, but person number 1 is a rugby player and has a large percentage of muscular tissue, in contrast the number 2 person is sedentary and has a large percentage of fat or adipose tissue in the abdomen, back and thighs; It is evident that both weigh and measure the same.

But their body composition is different and most likely person number 1 is not on the verge of obesity; in this case it is better to perform a kinanthropometry, which measures skin folds, perimeters, lengths and diameters of various parts of the body, to determine how much percentage and kilos of fat, muscle and bone tissue (especially in people suffering from osteoporosis).

Asian woman weighs herself to lose weight with Kaenz.

How to lose fat in abdomen, back, hips and legs?

Now that you know that weight is not the most important thing, but that the big enemy is the adipose tissue, the next question is relevant. How to reduce adipose tissue? The simple and expensive response can be through surgery or liposuction (you can lower between 3 to 10 kilos of fat), but your musculature and cholesterol are still the same!

The safest and most efficient alternative is to change your habits, to eat healthy and to perform physical exercise managed by a health professional.

By mixing these two therapeutic tools you will reduce fat, tone your arms, abdomen, thighs, buttocks and calves. In addition to controlling certain diseases such as hypertension, obesity, diabetes, among others.

You will also release certain substances that will decrease your mental stress, body pain and anxiety.

Why do people do not want to exercise?

People do not exercise for three reasons:

1) They feel pain after physical exercise.

2) Physical exercise is monotonous and boring.

3) They do not have time to perform physical exercise.

We will go into these factors below. If physical exercise is not prescribed well, it will cause bodily pain the next day, regardless of whether the activity was running, jumping, swimming or cycling.

The second factor is the routine, many customers tell us that lifting weights or using machines in gyms are uninspiring, as are cyclic and monotonous sports.

Finally, we are in a very demanding society with great labor and social pressures that have diminished the hours of recreation, worsening our health, by the famous mental stress; so…

Person with knee pain wants to lose weight.

What physical exercise is recommended to lower abdominal fat?

We recommend that you do it with a health professional (Physiotherapist or Physical Therapist), a specialist in physical exercise. If you have any pathology or illness, as well as not causing joint impact, body pain and that is to your liking, an alternative is to perform aquatic therapy, hydrotherapy or exercises in water. In this case, we have created Kaenz, with great results.

What results does Kaenz have?

Our clients have lost 3 kilos of adipose tissue in average and have replaced it by musculature, evidencing a greater tone and reduction of 5 centimeters of waist when doing this method for a period of three months. Besides it is not necessary to know how to swim, since we count with unique and personalized equipment for you.

Regardless of the options you take, you should consider that your health is fundamental and not just focus on the aesthetic scope.

In conclusion, there are no methods, gymnastics or magical training to lose weight or get thinner. But rather, we must change our lifestyles (food, physical inactivity, smoking, alcohol and drugs) and develop a habit that lasts in time, performing a type of exercise that is effective and monitored by a health professional.

Couple wants to lose weight with Kaenz.

Kaenz invitation

We have the conviction that Kaenz, will improve your health and well-being, being a great investment, to reduce expenses for medications, hospitalizations and avoid surgeries, we invite you to experience this first virtual aquatic therapist, which will change your habits, recharging energy, toning your body, keeping you young and positively impacting your quality of life, sharing with your loved ones.

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