The methods to lose weight and reduce fat effectively

Currently there are many methods to lose weight, using conventional drugs, natural medicines, extreme diets, different modalities of physical exercise and also surgeries.

Next, we want to present and analyze these methods to lose weight and reduce fat, but from a professional point of view, safe for your health and effective.

Methods to lose weight.

What should be taken into account in the methods to lose weight?

First of all, we must discard the methodologies that indicate very quick effects and without any effort, because they are accompanied by side effects, adverse and are illusory, within this category we have the exercises, drugs and/or “miracle” diets that they do lose 10 kilos in a week, generally by dehydration, that is to say, to remove water in the sweat and urine mainly, unleashing serious consequences on our health.

These complications can be general malaise, headaches, tachycardias, thirst, fainting, renal failure, damage to other organs and even death.

For now, we will focus on three methods to lose weight: 1) Surgical, 2) Medications, 3) Nutritional and 4) Physical Exercise, which will be detailed below:

1) Surgical methods to lose weight or reduce fat

The fastest way to lose weight is bariatric surgeries, but they are also the most expensive and always have a risk associated with entering an operating room and providing general anesthesia; one of these options is the gastric sleeve, a restrictive surgery that allows to reduce the capacity of the stomach considerably, from 1,200 cc to 100 cc., Leaving with less than 10% of its initial capacity.

In addition, are removed the cells that produce a substance called Ghrelin, an appetite stimulant; this causes the patient to eat immediately satisfied because there is no more food in his stomach so small and not so keen to eat, so it is a very effective method of losing weight very effective.

Surgeries are methods to lose weight.

On the other hand, gastricbypass is a surgical technique that consists of also reducing the size of the stomach, sectioning the highest part to leave a gastric reservoir of 20 to 50 cc., which connects directly with the small intestine.

The complications of the gastric sleeve and bypass, are those related to surgery, such as hemorrhages, suture failures, vitamin and mineral absorption deficiency, it is also worth mentioning that the person loses weight, but if he does not perform physical exercise his skin will be released and will have to undergo further surgery to remove that excess skin.

On the other hand, if the abdominal wall is flaccid, the skin is streaked or is leftover, and falls on the pubis line, and the adipose tissue together with the fingers is greater than two centimeters, the surgical indication to correct it is a tummy tuck, uses general anesthesia and moves a segment of the skin from the abdomen to a new position, eliminating excess skin.

Finally, liposuction is another method for weight loss, within plastic surgery, which requires to be performed by professional doctors, with the highest standards of safety and quality, but it should be mentioned that liposuction is not surgery to lose weight, but to remove deposits of fat located in the abdomen, hip, thighs and arms, being able to reduce a maximum of 7% of body weight, but just like the other surgeries mentioned above, they should incorporate exercise sessions, since the muscles do not will be toned and the skin will not be firm, without performing some type of physical exercise, always indicated by a health professional, such as the Physical Therapist.

2) Methods to lose weight, using drugs or pills

In general, the functions of weight loss pills are: Decrease appetite, increase feeling of satiety, reduce the absorption of fat from food and / or increase energy expenditure, but should always be indicated by a doctor and are useful only if it is complemented by changes in habits, balanced eating and physical exercise.

Weight loss pills, do not have the same effect on all people and may not produce the expected results, plus side effects (dry mouth, headache, depression, insomnia, constipation, incontinence, oily staining of underwear or diarrhea) and these drugs are quite expensive and difficult to get.

Methods to lose weight by pills.

In conclusion, it is not a good option for this type of methods to lose weight, since it brings us more negatives, than positive, but a healthy diet and physical exercise, well prescribed, is always the best alternative.

3) Balanced diet to lose weight and reduce fat

We refer to a balanced diet and not to extreme diets, since different macronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins and fats) and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) must be incorporated into our daily diet, including a variety of foods (fruits of different colors, whole grains, quinoa, avocado, seeds, skim milk, turkey, fish, egg, nuts, among others) in the right amounts, without skipping the main schedules such as breakfast and lunch.

For example, if a person wants to eat a diet to lose weight, it is important that it is oriented by a specialist to indicate a diet rich in nutrients and vitamins, since the lack of these affects the immune system especially in cellular immunity, responsible for defending us fundamentally of viruses, bacteria and germs, which can facilitate the easier contagion of diseases.

Also, for slimming there are thousands of recipes on the internet and others recommended by the friend of the friend, however, although some can effectively cause a rapid weight loss, they are a problem for health, since the low-calorie contribution contain and consequently, low micronutrients, with imbalance of sodium and potassium, cause a reduction of cellular defense function of various diseases.

Therefore, as we have discussed in this publication, the most effective methods to lose weight are a balanced diet and physical exercise.

4) Methods to lose weight, focused on physical exercise

The exercises should be supervised by a health professional, an expert in prescription of physical exercise, as is the case of physiotherapists and university kinesiologists, specialized in this area. We should discard exercises led by personal trainer, physical education teachers and physical trainers, since overweight or obese people have several health complications, such as high cholesterol, cardiovascular risk, joint pain, among other conditions.

In addition, exercises that generate joint impact, such as jogging, running and jumping on hard surfaces (cement, asphalt and earth) and those that overload the cardiovascular system and joints, should be avoided. The ideal is to perform exercises in the pool, due to the low joint impact, greater freedom of movement and effectiveness of the exercises, due to the properties of water.

Methods to lose weight, through exercises in swimming pool.

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