How to monetize a pool with the Platform Kaenz?

It is known by all that it is difficult to monetize a pool and to build it is an expensive investment; but to maintain it in optimum conditions over time entails even higher variable costs and fixed expenses, such as tons of liters to fill it, heat it, clean it and maintain it (Access, parking, stands, bathrooms, dressing rooms, lockers and services), with the highest standards of quality, hygiene and safety.

With Kaenz you can monetize a pool.

So far, we have not considered the human capital to be contracted, to keep facilities clean, and to control access, to provide security, to carry out pool activities, administrative and managerial. Then, with these great costs and economic expenses several questions arise, such as:

How can I generate more revenue and monetize a pool? Are the water activities I’m currently doing profitable? Is there a way to collaborate with other entities and share the risks?

Next, we intend to provide answers to these and other very frequent concerns, addressing these issues in a professional manner and delivering strategies to solve these problems.

What are the highest expenses and costs in a temperate pool?

Variable costs (change depending on sales) and fixed expenses (they are stable over time) are different for an Olympic pool (50 meters long), semi-Olympic pool (25 meters long) or a recreational pool, but all must Fill their swimming pools, heat the water, maintain filters, eliminate microorganisms, algae, fungi and biological waste, clean the facilities, waste in chlorine, water, electricity, gas, paper, manage advertising and marketing strategies. In addition to hiring administrative, professional and technical human capital.

As you will realize, there are several dollars spent on managing a heated pool, therefore, you need to generate efficient strategies, to increase revenue, optimize resources and / or generate profits.

With Kaenz you can monetize a pool.

How can monetize a pool?

When you think about the activities that can be done in a pool, immediately appear to our minds hydrogymnastics, hydrotherapy, free swimming lessons and schools to learn to swim.

In addition to leasing our pool tracks to private entities. But these activities are profitable, how much is actually being earned per track used? Do I have all the schedules used? How many people are there for clues?

When we talk to several owners or pool managers, they respond that they have all their tracks occupied at all times with various water activities, but unfortunately, they are not generating profits or optimizing their resources.

With Kaenz you can monetize a full pool.

How can this situation, quite common, be improved for owners and managers of temperate pools?

If the fixed expenses are high and the income generated is insufficient, profits will never be obtained.

The big problem is that there is no commercial collaborative strategy or innovative aquatic therapy that can be differentiating, attracting and captivating a new target audience not considered by the other activities mentioned above.

Currently, there is a method in aquatic therapy with a health focus, called Kaenz, that has developed a collaborative business model, with a strategy to share the risks and net income obtained from therapies, which covers all schedules from 06: 00 until 23:00 hours, with senior managers of companies (managers), workers, injured with medical leaves, seniors, pregnant women, children, university students, athletes and people with disabilities.

Based on treatment and prevention with water exercises to lose weight for pregnant women, for back pain, for stress, for diabetics, for osteoarthritis of the hip, for fibromyalgia, which is not achieved with other general aquatic activities. If you want to know more or implement this model Kaenz, you can manage a meeting at and monetize a pool.

With Kaenz you can monetize a pool.

Kaenz invitation

Do you own an Aquatic Center and want to increase the profitability of your pool with Kaenz? Decide and implement this innovation that is a worldwide trend, because it is impacting the health of people using technology with Mixed Reality and gamification with their own smartphones. Be part of the revolution!

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