How to reduce the problems of osteoarthritis with Kaenz?

We have decided to write this publication, because we are constantly asked by our clients about osteoarthritis:

How can I reduce the symptoms of joint pain and stiffness if I have osteoarthritis? Are medications such as Glycosaminoglycan or Chondroitin Sulfate effective to regenerate cartilage? Is aquatic therapy effective in osteoarthritis of the hip? How do the physical properties of water help me to improve joint mobility? Do I need to lose weight if I have a knee or hip osteoarthritis?

Reduce osteoarthritis with Kaenz.

Next, we intend to provide answers to these and other very frequent questions, making these topics clearer, by approaching them in a professional and simple way for all our readers.

First of all, what is osteoarthritis and what are its characteristic problems?

Osteoarthritis is a disease characterized by wear of articular (irreversible) cartilage, which occurs most commonly in joints that support compressive loads and repetitive movements, such as hips, knees, ankles and wrists.

The main causes are: trauma, infantile disease (hip dislocation and avascular necrosis), repetitive movements (jobs, trades, sports) and overload (jobs, trades, sports, and obesity), rheumatoid arthritis and a large percentage is idiopathic (the actual cause is not known).

On the other hand, the main problems are: Joint pain and stiffness with functional impotence that limits the activities of daily life.

Radiography of osteoarthritis and hip prosthesis. Kaenz.

Do medicines such as Glycosaminoglycan or Chondroitin Sulfate regenerate cartilage?

As mentioned above, in osteoarthritis there is an irreversible erosion of the articular cartilage, therefore the medicines Glycosaminoglycan, Chondroitin Sulfate and / or the like, cannot regenerate the cartilage.

Even during the last 5 years, the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, The National Institutes of Health, The American College of Rheumatology and The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, referring to the treatment of osteoarthritis, concluded that they do not recommend its use nor for the Symptoms, because the effect is so small that it does not present any clinical difference; Industry-paid studies suggest that it improves arthritic pain, but independent studies indicate that it is a placebo effect (same effect as delivering a pill without the drug).

Therefore, these drugs are insufficient to decrease the symptoms of osteoarthritis. However, physical therapy (exercise) has very good results and even greater aquatic therapy.

Medications are not for osteoarthritis.

What is the basis of aquatic therapy, hydrotherapy and / or pool exercises, to reduce the problems of osteoarthritis?

Aquatic therapy is very effective and has a strong scientific evidence, in decreasing pain, joint stiffness, strengthen weak muscles and increase joint movement, allowing the lubrication and nutrition of the cartilage that is not yet damaged, delaying its evolution.

The basis of these benefits is due to the physical properties of the water (hydrostatic, hydrodynamic, hydrokinetic and thermal), which generate a weight reduction in immersion, for example, a person weighing 100 kilos if submerged in the pool in position vertical to the neck, its “apparent weight” is 10 kilos.

That is to say, in their joints, they reduce the loads, allowing it to generate greater joint range without pain (it reduces stiffness), in addition, with the exercises in swimming pool, can strengthen musculature, lower adipose tissue, improve normal walking patterns, balance among other benefits.

Reduce osteoarthritis pain with Kaenz.

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