How to reduce waiting lists with aquatic therapy?

We have decided to write this publication, because one of the great problems of public health is that the Family Health Centers, Diagnostic and Treatment Center and Hospitals are collapsed with long waiting lists, due to population aging, cardio metabolic diseases and Sequels derived from these, which generate large economic costs for the entire system, with insufficient resources to sustain this great demand for health benefits and coverage at the national level; Generating “waiting lists”.

Waiting lists are diminished with Kaenz.

Therefore, we will address how aquatic therapy, especially with Kaenz, that can efficiently diminish this problem, explained with a professional approach, clear and simple for all our readers.

What is the origin of waiting lists and their consequences?

As mentioned above, it is known that most countries are experiencing a demographic change or transition, in which people over 60 will double between 2010 and 2030, due to their unhealthy lifestyles (sedentary lifestyle, (Obesity, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, dyslipidemias, metabolic syndrome, among others), which are responsible for 75% of the health expenditure and will cause losses of USD 47 billion of world GDP in 2030.

In addition, it should be considered that almost 80% of the population is served in the public service, having to prioritize the benefits that will be performed, generating a huge waiting list for diagnoses and treatments.

With Kaenz, clinical waiting lists are diminished.

Finally, the first three causes of death worldwide are acute myocardial infarction (AMI), cancer and stroke (if these people will be saved), it would be by invasive medical procedures (surgeries) and with high economic costs, Human and temporary complications due to high complexity clinical care, but they do not solve the problem because post-AMI people die each year due to dysautonomic problems (malignant arrhythmias), cancer continues to grow and post-stroke sequel lead to great physical disability-social.

Can waiting lists be shortened with water therapy, using Kaenz with a public approach?

During the last 5 years, by the award of the Regional Funds, more and more communes are building their own heated and roofed swimming pools for their community, in which elderly, children, young people, pregnant women and people can be beneficiaries. In a situation of disability, whoever that cannot afford the services of aquatic therapy or hydrotherapy that are performed in the private system and can be derived from the primary, secondary and tertiary health system.

With Kaenz, clinical waiting lists are diminished.

But to reduce health problems and have objective results, these programs must be led and performed by a health team, specializing in aquatic therapy or water exercises and that the methodology used has a scientific basis.

For the same reason, Kaenz, has developed a collaborative model, to execute the Kaenz methodology, with a public approach; Trying to implement it with the support of different Ministries (Sports, Health, Education and Social Development), in which the community is the great beneficiary, promoting an ecosystem for healthy life and efficiently redistributing available resources, reducing this great problem of ” Waiting lists “, and solving it from the root.

We hope that with this new approach, senior public officials can make decisions with greater knowledge in community post and consider that aquatic activities should be carried out by a team of health professionals, specialists in aquatic therapy.

Kaenz Therapist, perform exercises in pool.

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Finally, continue reading about exercise in heated pools, which will always have new themes thought for you.

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