Swimming for pregnant. Is it the best option?

When pregnant women go to their Gynecologist and tell them that they want to exercise, control their weight, reduce pain and leg edema, they tell them that swimming for pregnant women in swimming pool is one of the best options.

But … Is it currently the best option? Are there other pool exercises that are more effective and safer? For these and other doubts, we wanted to analyze this type of exercises for pregnant women, in the next post.

Woman doing swimming for pregnant women in swimming pool.

Why is indicated swimming for pregnant women?

In sports or aquatic activities in swimming pool, the best known and practiced are swimming with their different styles (freestyle stroke, the breaststroke, the backstroke and the butterfly stroke) and since it is known that swimming exercises have no impact, Gynecologists recommend that their patients do swim.

But during the last years, they realized that it is not the best option and we want to tell you the story of a member of our team, who was 35 weeks pregnant and was swimming a few years ago, so she had a good technique, but in one session, when swimming breaststroke, had a severe pain in the abdomen and began to bleed …

She had to go immediately to urgency, diagnosing a placenta detachment (which could affect the normal development of her daughter), so she remained in complete rest until the end of her pregnancy. What happened? Why did it end? Then we will analyze it …

Complicated woman by performing swimming for pregnant women in swimming pool.

Swimming as a sport or therapeutic swimming?

Swimming can be practiced as a sport or with a therapeutic approach, even indicated in pregnant women, but first of all we analyze swimming with a sports approach.

The repetitive movements in the strokes on the head (crol, back and butterfly), generate an overload of the shoulder muscles, causing an impingement of tendon rotator cuff, which rubs with the acromion, triggering a dysfunctionality and shoulder pain to the movement; on the other hand, sustained postures and abrupt changes in the spine, when swimming, develop a lumbo-pelvic alteration with pains in that area, both in flexion (nucleus pulposus hernia) and in extension (facet syndrome).

In addition, swimming sessions are guided by Physical Coaches, Physical Education Teachers or Personal Trainer, who know very well the methods of training for athletes, but if one of their swimmers has a health problem (obesity, diabetes, hypertension, low back pain, tendonitis, etc.) or are pregnant, they do not have the adequate skills or competences to be able to perform the session with a therapeutic approach, since they are not health professionals.

Therefore, it is very clear that swimming for pregnant women, as a sport is not the best option, but therapeutic swimming can be an alternative, without taking full advantage of the physical properties of water, when performing movements in position horizontal.

Woman wants to perform swimming for pregnant women on the beach.

So … What other pool exercise alternative exists for pregnant women?

We recommend Kaenz, which is based on personalized pool exercises, with a preventive or therapeutic approach, that adapts to the goals and needs of each pregnant woman, guiding the session a Kaenz therapist, specialist in swimming exercises with a focus on health, which will indicate and correct the exercises to get the most out of the session.

Finally, we can talk a lot about the benefits and advantages of Kaenz, but you need to experiment, to have your appreciation about this type of aquatic therapy, which will control your weight, decrease leg edema, low back pain and osteitis pubis, in addition to solve your health problems, such as gestational diabetes and hypertension in pregnancy.

Woman doing swimming for pregnant women in a heated pool.

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