Temperate pools in Santiago de Chile

During the last years there has been a great interest in exercises in temperate pools and not only swimming or swimming lessons; but more sophisticated activities such as hydrogymnastics, aquatic therapy or specific methods, even in people who do not know how to swim or have a water phobia.

We are constantly asked:

Is it advisable to build a tempered pool in the yard of my home? Is it profitable to have a heated or roofed pool? How can I keep my pool more usable during the year? What activities can I do in my pool?

Next, we intend to give some arguments as to why you should have a pool in your home, along with boosting it more to enjoy together with your family and friends.


Why have a pool in the backyard of my home?

There has been a great increase in the construction of swimming pools in homes because it is always well seen to have our own pool accessible to our comfort, which allows us to refresh ourselves with our family and loved ones, reasons to build it exist very varied, as from: decrease the heat, improve the quality of life, fun and relaxation, now there is a great movement to perform activities such as exercise in a fitness pool, which transform your pool into something better than a gym, which ratifies as a good investment for our family.

How much does it cost to build a pool?

The value is variable and depends on the materials and measurements of which you want to make your pool. A pool made of concrete, which is the most used material par excellence, starts from 5,000 USD (3,000,000 Chilean pesos), price that includes water pump and filter, although it can easily increase to double and more depending on the accessories that we want to add.

The installation of a swimming pool will depend on the type of land you are in, a traditional concrete pool usually takes between 1 and 2 months.


How much would it cost to maintain a pool?

The expense of building a pool does not stop with its construction alone. Now it is necessary to maintain it, for which products are required to be able to clean it, like chlorine or a clean bottom. In addition, to contemplate with the water to use to fill the pool, all this can have a cost that starts from 111 USD (70,000 Chilean pesos), logically depending on the size of the pool. However, there are also professionals who offer these services at a cost that ranges from USD 63 per month (40,000 Chilean pesos) to USD 477 per year (300,000 Chilean pesos).

How can I keep my pool usable longer and not depend on the weather?

According to experts, it has become common to add a heating system to your pool, increasing the maximum of 23 ° C that can reach unheated water, to a comfortable and pleasant 28 ° C. This has been boosted and boosted by the boom of solar panels to power these heating systems, increasing the temperature of the water between 3 and 5 degrees Celcius, with an additional cost for panels of about 955 USD (600,000 Chilean pesos), with the advantage of a low cost in electricity consumption and the possibility of keeping the water tempered throughout the year.


Another option that may be complementary is a pool blanket, there are different varieties, and it is a considerable savings on maintenance products. In addition, it will increase the temperature minimizing the costs of air conditioning. All with the aim of being able to last the use of your swimming pool all the year.


If you require us to give you the name of a reliable company that performs this type of work in swimming pool like construction, tempered or pool blanket, contact us by this form.

Because my pool would be underutilized and maybe it would not be profitable?

You have read the series of expenses that build and maintain a pool running in the patio of your home, now you can use it, always add a fixed cost to keep it active and clean, most likely you can not even imagine that other options you could get to do in this pool to be able to monetize, we help you and with this we do not mean that you lease or expose yourself to other people entering your home without your authorization, we mean that you can convert your pool in your own gym, a place to rehabilitate diseases or injuries, which would reduce the cost of subscription to gym, drugs, health insurance costs and surgeries, clear to be with a health approach would require a guide of a professional to guide you ensure the correct exercises to be able to have benefits to exercise in the comfort of your pool, for which there is a methodology called Kaenz.

Why Kaenz is an option that can help improve the use of my pool?

Kaenz is a methodology that uses the benefits of water immersion, guided by a Kaenz Therapist, that adapts the exercises according to your goals, in a fun way improving your health, preventing and eradicating diseases more effectively than conventional medicine, sharing with your loved ones in the comfort of your home.

In a session a maximum of 5 people can attend, so you can do it with your partner and children, in addition to the option of being able to invite friends or split the payments in order to maintain the friendship. A Kaenz session for one person has the value of 99 USD, for 2 to 3 people of 190 USD, 4 to 5 people 240 USD, so it is highly recommended to do it together with more people, promoting the exercise of personalized, with a focus on health and also entertaining. So Kaenz is the solution that reverses diseases, decreases expenses on drugs and prevents annoying surgeries in the comfort of your pool.


Who can perform Kaenz?

Children from 4 years old up to 99 years old can participate.

Kaenz invitation

We have the conviction that Kaenz, will improve your health and well-being, being a great investment, to reduce expenses for medications, hospitalizations and avoid surgeries, we invite you to experience this first virtual aquatic therapist, which will change your habits, recharging energy, toning your body, keeping you young and positively impacting your quality of life, sharing with your loved ones.

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