Is there juvenile diabetes of type 2 and how to treat it?

As many will know, juvenile diabetes is a metabolic disease, characterized by persistent or chronic elevated blood glucose levels, the main symptoms of diabetes are: excessive urine output (polyuria), abnormal increase in need (Polyphagia), increased thirst (polydipsia), and weight loss for no apparent reason.

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There are three types of diabetes mellitus (DM), type I or juvenile diabetes, type II or adult diabetes and gestational diabetes, in this post we will focus on juvenile diabetes, but type II.

You will wonder why we mix the types of diabetes, we will explain them by answering the following questions:

Why is increased blood glucose harmful? What is insulin resistance? Why is type 2 DM increasing and affecting younger people? What can I do to prevent it and / or treat it? What is the best treatment for diabetes and how to lower blood sugar?

Why is increased blood glucose harmful?

Glucose is a carbohydrate that serves as fuel for the cells to obtain energy through metabolism, in this way, the cells can perform their functions in a normal way.

In order for glucose to enter cells insulin is needed, a hormone that allows glucose to enter cells, mainly muscle, because glucose can enter other cells without insulin, such as the brain, nerves and blood vessels; as these tissues, do not need insulin, increased glucose causes toxicity in these tissues, damaging them.

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When insulin is absent (type I, also known as juvenile diabetes, because it affects this age because it is of genetic origin) or when there is a cellular resistance to insulin actions (insulin resistance), combined with a Poor secretion of this (type II, caused by unhealthy lifestyles) by the pancreas.

There is another type of this disease, which occurs during pregnancy called gestational diabetes. Here also increases blood glucose levels by the hormones of pregnancy.

What is insulin resistance?

Insulin resistance is a pre-diabetic condition characterized by an increase in plasma insulin levels above normal by increased blood glucose concentrations.

The explanation of why this alteration occurs is due to the fact that blood glucose levels increase steadily and intermittently (unhealthy lifestyles) and there is an alteration in peripheral insulin receptors, causing the pancreas secrete more insulin to keep blood glucose at optimal levels. If this condition remains for a while (time duration unknown), there comes a time when the pancreas will no longer maintain a high production of insulin and cells Β-pancreas lose their function and this is how type II diabetes appears.

Why is juvenile diabetes increasing?

Sadly, the culprits that this and many other diseases are increasing falls on the same people, not having healthy lifestyles, it is necessary to eat healthier, avoid addictions like smoking and alcohol in excess (consuming alcohol is not harmful, If it is moderate), perform physical exercise on a constant basis, but well prescribed (read our post: Why is exercise a medicine?).

One of the factors that have caused the increase of this disease is the increase in the prevalence of obesity in the population and in turn, in children, this is the main reason for the increase of type II DM in the young population.

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What can I do to prevent and/or treat juvenile diabetes?

The best option is to make changes to radical habits, if you smoke, stop smoking, if you drink alcohol excessively, reduce your consumption to levels that do not cause damage to the body or just leave it, there is no evidence that brings health benefits, except Wine, which has many antioxidants, but there are fruits and vegetables rich in these substances as well.

And lastly, exercising consistently, throughout life, to prevent and treat diabetes, should be performed at least three times a week, exercises that involve large muscle groups (such as running, cycling, swimming, between Others), at a high intensity (it favors incorporation of glucose into the tissues and the insulin is not necessary to do so).

The difficulty is that running or cycling can cause injuries and determine the intensity of exercise, it is necessary to perform an exercise test, since the intensity of exercise is unique for each person, but the cost of this test is quite high.

However, with Kaenz, performed in water (less joint impact and pain after exercise), includes statistics of your sessions, obtaining your weekly and monthly progress motivating you to continue improving your health

We invite you to know us, because Kaenz is more than a method, it is a way of life.

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